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12/15/10 08:46 am

Well, I've started the new job. Not sure how I'll do at it yet. Hopefully I can make the same, if not more than I was. Working at home is weird though. All the little projects I kept putting off that needed done around the house...now they seem to be time fillers. The puppy is loving it though. She's all yay because someone is almost always home with her. Spoiling the poor dear.

Quinton's birthday is this friday. My oldest baby is going to be 10. Just doesn't seem right somehow.

11/10/10 06:20 am - Dad....

Another day at osu medical center. Today he's having triple bypass surgery. Last time he had a 4 cm abdominal aortic aneurysm. Last time he was over here 8 days. Hopefully this one goes just as well.

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11/2/10 12:08 am

I suck at remembering this thing is here....

I'll have to try and update soonish. My computeris working again and I'm about to tie myself to it more frequently again.. (ie, work at home). I should be able to rember this.

Is there a livejournal something for the droid? I might have to look into that. Damn computers that walk around with you easily replace these things now.

Must update pics too....my god they're old. My kids are 10, 4 and 3 at the end of next month and I look like nothing more than the average overweight soccer mom nowadays. :P

8/30/09 12:47 pm - And again....

Quinton: 8 yrs old. He's going into the 3rd grade this year. So far he tells me "It's the best year ever!", but it's only been a week now, if even. He's already getting in trouble again for talking too. I'm getting to the point though that I think it's the schools fault. Yes, Quinton talks alot. Yes, when he does talk he tends to be loud. But....school rules do not let the kids talk in the hallways at all, only in a whisper during lunch, at normal level during recesses and not at all in class. When can they be kids? My child has no clue how to whisper. We've tried it, but even his whisper carries across the house. Poor boy can't hide a thing, even if he hasn't yet realized that mom is not simply all knowning.

Granparents and his Father quit contacting pretty much right after they realized that I'm actually married with other children. Guess that screwed up plans. Oh well.

Anna: 2 yrs old. She never shuts up. The child can talk all hours that she's awake, sometimes even in her sleep. However, it's cute chatter. My favorite is probably at bed time or anytime she's in time out...

Anna -- "I wanna talk to you about someping." 
Parent -- "What's that?" 
Anna -- "I wanna talk to you 'bout supaman."
Parent -- "What about superman this time?"
Anna -- "Supaman ate my toys, but Daddy eats him. I like supaman."

Xander: 1 year. He's just learning words and how to fight back from the others. Pretty much "Uh Oh." and "No." are the favorites. He can, however, already get Quinton to the floor and beat him up till he's yelling for help from us. The child is a monster at times in strength. Most adorable thing ever though. He's the cute, fluffy loving, cuddly type of kid.

Erik: Is unemployed and driving me nuts by being a babysitter to kids he's supposed to parent. Parents can do more than just watch the kid during the day. I know it's more difficult than single life, but wake up, it won't change for a bit.

Me: I live, breath, work, play....Had a vacation again though. First time in 3 years. God did we need it.

Us: We might be getting a foreign exchange student from China in the next couple of weeks. It should prove interesting if nothing else.  Ohhh! And gaming. My god the gaming. Mon and Thurs are normally D&D or Heroes RPG, occasionally board games. Wed night Erik goes out to the local gaming group. My laundry room is half filled with all the board games out there.  Hopefully we keep it. I kinda like my house full of people.

Right now, we're off to watch the second halloween by zombie and district 9. Yay for Coshocton finally getting something other than kids movies.

12/22/08 08:50 am - Donate. Spread goodness and all that rubish.

Childs Play. Donate. It should be linked off the first page..... Thanks.

Kids grow, 8 yrs, 2 yrs and 1 yr already. Bleh. Good kids.

8/28/08 04:53 pm

I find myself backsliding to the same state of mind I was in six years ago. I struggle not to let it consume me, but I think I'm failing horridly. 

I don't live. I merely exist.

7/26/08 11:46 am

 Yes, well....we broke down and decided to get a new keyboard for the laptop last night. It was progressively losing the functionality of the keys.... (ie. two rows were missing after the restart). At least it's fairly simple to replace and not to horribly expensive. Couldn't convince mom to just get me a new laptop or PC instead. Oh well.

Trips down memory lane are not much fun. I went grave visiting yesterday. It's been a really long time since I've done so. I had the kids in the car, but all of them had fallen asleep and I had to waste a bit of time waiting on Erik to get out of ER. (Strep throat, the poor kid). Anyways, I did the obligatory cleaning of the weeds and grass off the stone from various mowings. I even went out to Timmy's grave. I'm not sure if I went to pay respects or prove that life isn't forgotten. I'm not sure it matters either way why. 

Anyways! The rest of the night was spiffy. We went to the Yard for yummy italian (read pizza and spagetti done right) then came home and watched a movie. A really really odd movie that I'm still not sure I caught all of it. All and all, a good night.

7/21/08 08:34 am

 uriosity maks m wonr if I oul vn post an ntry at th momnt, sin it sms that I hav srw up my kyboar by losing four vry important kys. 

Not so spiffy is this. 

How o you rpair a laptop kyboar?

5/30/08 05:58 am

Summer  Events: 

June 6-8              Hot Air Balloon Festivle, Fairgrounds
June 20-22         Heritage Craft & Dulcimer Music Festivle, Roscoe Village
Sept 13               Wine, Art & Garden Festival, Roscoe Village
Sept 20              "Wings Over Coshocton" Air Show, Coshocton Airport
Sept 26-Oct 2     Coshocton County Fair

At least the ones we have mild interest in or in Erik's case, extreme "Wha?" with at least one.

3/17/08 12:56 am - Duty Free...

Quinton has decided that when he grows up he wants to be on Unbeatable Banzuke. He's determined to  move to Japan and compete on one of these shows. I say more power to the boy. He's got a hell of alot of work ahead of him. 

Anna is learning new words. She can now say "Hi Dander!", "Hi Tinton!", "Baby.", "Nummy.", "Bottle.", "Meat." and "Night Night." Granted, she learned bottle not while she was still using one, but because she has a baby doll that she puts to night night with its bottle. Both meat and nummy are when she's hungry, depending on which she uses depend upon how hungry she is. 

Xander coos and smiles and all the fun things that the first stages of awareness bring. He's a pretty good baby, thank god. Anna was an angel, Quinton was my devil, Xander runs the middle line but often sides more towards the angel. I've gotten lucky so far. 

So, it's gamer night...except instead of games this night there was a movie..... what movie you ask? Of all the things we sit and watch, myself and five guys (husband included), we watch GrindHouse. Hot, yes. Good, not really. Lame movie, beyond lame even. But yes, there is humor and hotness abounding. Just please god never make me watch it again. 

I think I'm more than ready to go to bed soonish. Sundays that I work are always a bit frustrating. My co-worker is not terribly efficient at her job. She tends to fall behind and when I work a Sunday, that means that I have to catch up to everything because she has worked the four days prior to that. I love my schedule for the days off, but I hate picking up the slack when I get back.

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